Wednesday, November 2, 2011

nothing to show

Today was not a day entirely wasted. It was wasted somewhat but not totally. I emailed my grandparents, I did several loads of washing, I made some soap. We had my favourite icecream with peanut butter and ice magic (don't knock it till you try it, it's AMAZING!) But I do not have anything really noteworthy to show.

I did not take any pictures of my soap making endeavours. They do not look very pretty and I think the quality of the soap is not great making overall for something lack lustre but I am on a mission to minimize 'stuff' before we move and that included the soap making kit we bought two years ago to make Christmas presents. These two points deserve updates; we have inspected and applied for a great place just down the road from our old house, I am due to ring the real estate about it tomorrow. I really hope we get it. According to my projected timeline we are due to sign the lease on Monday :) Number 2 update Joel's brother celebrates his 21st birthday on Christmas day as the family will be down here we will celebrate it on Christmas Eve, I am trying to convince all parties to throw a Mexican fiesta style shindig. Wouldn't it be fun?

So obviously I had to think of the possibilities of what I might wear....

source: Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins via Crush Cul de Sac and H & M dress on Vanessa Jackman
source: Dolce and Gabbana Summer 2012 and This Modern Lifestyle
source: Dresses both by Aida Coronado found here and here
source: Love Love Love 

    aren't they sweet especially with crazy blonde hair and maybe even a floral headband

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