Monday, November 28, 2011

1st December

Unlike all the stores around who believe that Christmas begins immediately after the tax-time sales (which occur directly after Easter, which occurs directly after New Year's, apparently) I believe it begins on the 1st of December. Obviously we all freak out about the money pit that it creates, the family induced stress etc but mainly it's a whole lot of fun and the one time of year that you get to throw party after party and eat delicious food without considering the consequences.

So without further ado I present our 2011 Christmas Tree!

.........but wait there is no tree....because we are moving
but we did put a tree up it just isn't very pretty at the moment so maybe this afternoon I will take a pic. The tree is apart of our Christmas 25.

You see while I was over on Design Sponge a few weeks back I noticed a link to the Anthology Magazine 2011 Winter Gift Guide, if you turn to page 22 you will find a lovely little article from Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day who if you read my blog regularly you might notice I LOVE! well she has a nice little idea to replace traditional chocolates/gifts found in an Advent calender with activities.

One which I intend to steal. So 25 days of Christmas activities in no particular order.

1. Make eggnog
2. Make a gingerbread house
3. Make and send Christmas cards
4. Make Christmas presents
5. Decorate Tree
6. Sew a tree ruffle
7. Joel make Emma amazing creative dinner on BBQ (his idea)
8. Spend a day in Sydney
9. Watch a Christmas movie
10. Brew amazing coffee
11. Brew/make amazing hot chocolate
12. Go to the farmer's markets
13. Go to the beach (this should be easy once we move YAY)
14. Do the Bather's Walk
15. Visit the Hunter Valley region
16. Eat seafood
17. Have a Christmas party
18. Have a waterfight
19. Play a sport in the park
20. Fly kites
21. Watch the carols
22. Be selfless!!
23. Play a board game
24. Make stockings
25. Slow dance to 'Dreaming of a White Christmas' on Christmas Eve

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