Sunday, November 13, 2011

feeling wrecked

I'm finding it difficult to even string a few words together this evening but I will give it a go. Yesterday I had my first exam, it was French I managed to do a bit of study but as always it is never enough, I am hoping rather than believing I will pass. On Tuesday I will have an exam for Corporate Finance, I am currently listening to the lectures and trying not to fall asleep. Market efficiency, mergers and acquisitions and all that other 'interesting' stuff, Joel is currently in the removal truck delivering a load to the other house. We have been working our butts off all day and we are all beyond exhausted but unfortunately there is still just one more load to go, I was given a break to 'study' but to be honest I think my brain is fried and nothing meaningful will sink in at all. 

this is a little how i feel....

source: a well traveled woman via Lindsey Burleson on Pinterest

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