Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the big share

Like most brides to be I spend a considerable amount of time trawling the internet for inspiration, today my search took me to Love the Day. She does all kinds of events and after seeing this cute kids party just had to share it!

i think the mustaches make it!

In the nature of sharing I have also spotted some super cute bridesmaids dresses on Zara (USA) and while shopping a few weeks back also spotted some good ones from Forcast and Forever New which are available on their websites.

happy Wednesday!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

perfect place to sit

Yesterday we went looking through furniture shops to find the boy's cousin a new chest of drawers and much to our dismay were greeted with an amazing lounge in the exact style we wanted. If it was the perfect lounge why the dismay? it came about 8 months to late.

the Tatler from Oz Design

When we first moved into the beautiful house we recently vacated we were spoilt for space it had gorgeous wooden floors and the kind of interior that you dream about for a rental. We looked absolutely everywhere for the perfect lounge to fill that space; I must admit I was a nightmare, I might be weird but the closer for me was always the proportion of the cushions. They all seem to be made with square cushions and to me, I don't know it just looks.... weird. I wanted the nice rectangular ones.

We went to Plush one day and found an amazing chaise (we had started out just looking for a 3-seater as we already had some armchairs) in the perfect shade of brown leather (another one of my specifications) the architect. It was beautiful and comfortable and expensive, about $7000 too expensive. So we moved on.
the architect from plush

Next we started browsing antique places and much to our amazement spotted a 3-seater Parker lounge with 2 armchairs with a frame in pristine condition; a simple recovering of the cushions and it would have been heaven.... and OMG it was only $500

similar to this one Parker lounges have the most beautiful arms made from teak
I am still kicking myself to this day for not getting it.

Then one day we received in the mail a catalog from Plush they were having a sale so we thought we may as well take a look... J fell in love with the Berlin chaise and as it was on sale we went for it.

I wasn't sure about the rise at the back of the arms... it makes the lounge look good from the back but not so much from the front, but at the risk of sounding like a freak I bit my tongue and the lounge is lovely and comfy so I guess ultimately we are happy :)

the Berlin from Plush

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dreaming of wedding bands and pretty boxes

when you begin looking at wedding photos, reading blogs, magazines etc you always seem to notice a theme. For example the generic list of wedding photos which are a 'must' for every bride i.e. the dress on a hanger, shoes, perfume, groom putting on tie etc etc 

this includes more oft than not a picture of the wedding bands and engagement ring - we have already purchased our wedding bands and as I am not really a jewelery person both the engagement and wedding bands are quite simple and despite the price tag come in relatively simple boxes....

so if we get the obligatory 'ring shot' (nothing suss) they probably won't look that great but as I trawl blog after blog site after site I have come up with two possibilities: 

1. a hollowed out book
2. vintage felt and silver/gold ring boxes 

from Etsy seller Pommesfrites

via bippity boppity boo via pinterest
 which do you think is the best?