Monday, March 28, 2011

invitations if postage didn't matter

Our wedding will be held at my future in-laws rural home. They have a beautiful property and their home was built by my future father-in-law. The ceremony will take place in a paddock closest to the house and the reception in the garden (weather permitting). I had many different ideas as to how the invitations would look including a simple white card with a tree and our names. However I quickly decided that this does not look as effective when letterpress is not used and as our budget couldn't stretch quite that far I had to re-think my idea. Enter the book. I am a great lover of reading particularly of classics and after seeing the below paper creations couldn't resist going down the paper path.

Outstanding Designs via Green Wedding Shoes
Linda & Harriett

dreaming of bridesmaids dresses

from left to right images are as follows; Ryan Polei via Ruffled, Jill Thomas via Lovely Little Details, Christine Lim via Ruffled and models via Lace and Tea   

the outline

This blog was created in attempt to document my experiences as a bride-to-be planning a wedding from scratch

I am going to keep things simple.

I am a 22 year-old commerce student.
I live with my fiance, our friend and recently his cousin/best man

We are getting married Saturday 24th September 2011

and we are doing it all by ourselves.....