Saturday, July 30, 2011

sunday shopping

two posts in one day WOW!! not really just thought i would share our latest acquisition with y'all

three in the picture but we actually have 4, pretty neat yeah? quite the score, we got them from eBay for $15.50 from a shop called Teralba Second-Hand and Antiques. I would advise checking the place out it's massive and quite reasonably priced and though they don't stock much by the way of mid-century stuff (apparently they used to but it just doesn't sell) they do have a large range of books, china, tools and other furniture. The people are also really nice and offered to keep an eye out for some things for us.   

Now it's just the daunting task of reupholstering them all.......hmmm

word of the day 'wonderful'

a few random thoughts to get the wonderful day started;
1. last night i had a dream where a dinosaur tried to eat me, what does that mean???
2. when describing a style why do people use the term 'shabby chic' if it's shabby it certainly isn't going to be chic, can't you use the word 'vintage' or 'French Provencal' or something  other than 'shabby'
3. i entered this competition this morning, what is your wonderful advice for not FREAKING OUT on your wedding day 
4. also love this wonderful whimsical wedding from The Lane
5. how many times do you think i can fit wonderful into this post?

with all that out of the way, direct from my pinterest boards i bring you all things white and wonderful...

source: Ian Stevenson 'Something Great'

Source: Habitat via Poppytalk and Short Rib Ragu on Minimally Invasive
Source: Banana, Nutella and Cream Cheese Cake by Always with Butter

Source: photo by Jimmy Backus via Garden of Dreams

have a wonderful Sunday!


Friday, July 29, 2011

of pages

if you could kindly cast your mind back to this post, you will remember that i talked of the photo backdrop for our photo booth. well i think the time has come. i think i have come up with a design/idea that i like and that might be achievable and complimentary to our overall wedding style.

remember all those little hearts i made for our invitations....

and you probably weren't really aware but all the pinwheels i made recently....

as mine are currently 4 hours away hiding in a box this is a pic i snagged off pinterest from Cake and Cotton

well how about i just continue this little book page idea i have and make something a little like this....

source: Ruche - DIY paper mache wall

i also like the idea of some big words (literally and figuratively) strung along the top...

source: Jason and Anna Photography via Engaged and Inspired

Source: Jonas Peterson via Once Wed
My thought is to get some mdf or ply and make a big wall type thing then cover it with book pages and put a glue layer over the whole thing - if we put wheels on it (or not) we could also use it inside while i am getting ready to section off the formal lounge room.

the construction though could prove a nightmare and i think i will leave it as a wedding week project... i think i will need some male help constructing and i don't like the thought of having to ferry it up the coast.

quilts, lovely weekends and even lovelier ladies

a few weekends ago I went away with all my sisters, friends, mother and belle-mere for my hen's/bridal shower/bachelorette or whatever you choose to call it. I had the most amazing time and feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful ladies in my life.

My wonderful sister and MOH planned it all - we stayed in a holiday house on the Central Coast and every morning woke up to a lovely view of the ocean

Patonga Views

my camera is still out of action and my iPhone has been playing up so this pic comes from the Stayz website, the house was lovely albeit a bit unconventional - there was a toilet in the laundry facing opposite a fridge and a scary mezzanine floor with a shaky steel ladder. We all arrived on Friday afternoon, my MOH had decorated the house with some lovely pink balloons and we drank rose martini's and ate shortbread hearts while we all discussed what the weekend would hold.

They had decided to make me a 'pre-nuptial quilt' with each guest coming up with their own square - as we didn't quite finish it on the weekend I am excited to see the finished product. We had the most gorgeous dinner of Moroccan chicken with cous cous and baked eggplant and awoke the next morning to bacon and eggs and a lovely long bushwalk from Patonga to Pearl Beach. They bought me various 'bride-to-be' paraphernalia which I was made to wear at all times.

After our walk we poured ourselves some wine and sat down to a ploughman's lunch which ended up being so substantial as to furnish our dinner as well.

taken on my sister's camera, in my delay to post she uploaded pics for me
Then after much beautification we headed down to the local for .... several drinks. Needless to say it was an eventful night. We all had fun though and definitely felt sorry for ourselves the next morning.

While my friends and belle-mere left on Sunday I stayed on with my mother and sisters and we had a relaxing day and together went to watch Bridesmaids (yes with my Bridesmaids) it was absolutely hilarious and I highly recommend. we agreed it should be a yearly thing but that we should definitely include Dad next time :)

source: Green Wedding Shoes

move to the burbs

firstly wow! it's been a long time between posts, to explain we have moved to the burbs and are still awaiting the phone to be connected.... I don't know how I have borne the deprivation.... probably been spending more time than usual at uni but anyway I collected a few posts in the interim which I am posting ... NOW

Last week brought with it mother’s day and also marked 12 months since we have been engaged. As I count down the days (now 134) I cast my mind back to when all these wedding shenanigans began; my first thoughts on married life, how we were going to do it and more importantly when.

A year almost to the day ago we saw our wedding day as being some mysterious day in the future, sometime after we had finished uni and had enough money to make all our dreams come true.

However as the days flew by and I became more and more embroiled in the wonderful world of wedding planning it seemed like waiting would be the death of us. So what we had decided would be a date in the future with a more lavish engagement party now turned into a lavish wedding and a simple BBQ.

But then all the questions began; what kind of wedding will we have? Where will it be? Who will be invited? What meagre budget can we settle on?

With us both being uni students and a small budget the inevitable truth we first looked towards a small close family wedding only; I trawled the internet having envisaged a romantic vineyard wedding. Remembering my sisters beach wedding in which my Dad gave a truly touching speech, a speech I don’t think he could have undertook if his audience were not so small. It seemed like we were set so we began organising a wedding party to be held at the property of my future in-laws to celebrate the wedding itself. It was intended only to be a low cost thing but the budget quickly spiralled out of control.

We talked about and after consulting the future in-laws it was decided we would do away with both and simply hold a garden wedding for roughly 100 people at their home.

Whether this decision was the best we are still yet to find out


what is it about studying that creates such an overwhelming need to procrastinate? second day back at uni and here i am again... doing absolutely nothing productive with my time.

to be fair i did start my day early at the gym followed by my first French class for the semester but since i got home excepting one load of washing and bidding on some car related thing for the boy have done nothing. yep zilch.

but doing this great load of nothing got me thinking... i don't normally watch reality TV shows they irritate and bore me but while away i got into watching The Block on NBN with the boy's mother. In case you have never heard of it and think it's a interesting take on the wooden block as a toy in childcare centres or some other strange interpretation The Block is about 4 couples renovating 4 houses. Yep reno's, definitely our type of thing

there is obviously one couple that stands out as the best (well in our opinion anyway) and that is Josh and Jenna. in case you are wondering why they are my fave here is one of their latest rooms to be finished

they have this vintage industrial understated style which we both love but feel is kinda popping up everywhere at the moment... which doesn't mean it doesn't still appeal it just irks me and means more people criticize just because you happen to fit into the same category of people as everyone else (no ideas are original anymore people!!). I mean the style appeals to me I am not just saying I like it because it is 'in' at the moment.

And this is why....

source: Leslie Williamson via Floddertje and Where is the Cool? via Little Girl, Big City
it's those wonderful textures that your hands could use as a guide in the dead of night on the way to the bathroom or to the fridge for a midnight snack and during the day the deep, rich colours that change with the light that enters the room. The history of a piece of furniture, lighting or object - deep cuts made in wood or metal where a worker has been caught in a daydream and slipped up..... perhaps they were dreaming about green forests, tall mountains or wide fields we will probably never know

source: Nicole Lynn via The Drifter and the Gypsy

by the way just finished re-organising my pinterest boards feel free to have a poke around here.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

what have i been doing....

keeping things short and simple this is what i have been doing for the month of July:
- stayed at this beautiful house for the weekend with all my beautiful sisters, wonderful friends, Mum and Mother-in-law to be for an exciting hen's
- got started on my dress
- went woodcutting and got all the stumps for our ceremony seating
- scored 14 pallets for $0 to make into various objects (like coffee tables, frames, signs and platform beds)
- set up one of our gazebos for the first time
- made an inventory of all things wedding (and realised we nearly have everything!)
- freaked out about how much work i have to do on the chairs
- met with our celebrant again
- went over the limit on my credit card ... again
- freaked out about how stressed i am going to be this semester
- freaked out when i saw that i will have an assignment due the day before the wedding
- learnt how to make cement 
- told myself it will be possible to lose 20kgs in 2 months (while eating ice-cream)
- made 100 paper pinwheels
- missed my love so much while we were apart

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a long time between drinks

i am not dead. my internet has not been cut off. i have just been super busy.

first with my wonderful hen's weekend (i had an absolute ball but will bore you with the details at a later date)

and now at my future in-laws preparing for the wedding.

we started my dress.... we are basing it off this pattern

Retro Butterick Pattern B4918
we cemented in the steps over at our ceremony site, put together a seating alcove along the path, went collected stumps for the bases of our benches and LOTS of gardening

also went and watched the last Harry Potter movie it was AMAZING, i swear the whole cinema was in tears at one point.

but have also been thinking about all things pallet and reclaimed wood related....

source :Lovely Crafty Home and From Scandinavia with Love 

Source: Dolan Geiman artwork via Happiness Is and Whole Lotta Lovely