Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY Christmas Gifts

we hand the keys in to our old house tomorrow. thank god.

however fitting the contents of a large house into a single garage is quite challenging and we literally have no room to move. it will be great once we find another house we can make into a home but I am pretty disheartened at the moment about the odds of finding something pretty, in a good location and within our price range.

but enough of that I have finally figured what I will make for my nephews for my DIY Christmas this year (yep everything must be DIY). I cannot take credit for this idea yet again but it is pretty cool and if I was a 10 or 6 year old boy (particularly brothers) I think I would love these....

source: Bryan Ku via Handmade Charlotte
yep pillow fight weapons - super cool, Joel and I both decided that the light saber though awesome would be useless in a pillow fight so I might give either the sword or the axe a go. I had plans to use some old pillows as filler but Joel thinks its gross (they go on our spare bed so I don't know why) the best thing is we have a plethora of fabric out there to use all for $0 ..... now just have to figure out where we put my sewing machine amongst all the cr*p

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