Friday, November 4, 2011

because i'm not perfect

so I don't know about you but I am one of those people who looks at all these creative things on blogs thinking 'wow, such and such is so amazing and talented, I bet they never screw up, they come up with all these great ideas and the construction of their projects always looks so perfect etc etc' well today I will show you that I am definitely NOT one of those people.

If any of my sisters happen to read this please turn away now (especially if your name starts with K)

We are doing homemade Christmas this year and I have already shown you the beautiful little capelets I made for my adorable nieces well this next one is a present for my lovely sister. Apparently she will not be around during the Christmas period and so I needed to come up with a great idea that could be posted easily enter this great deer head....

this image is the successful outcome of the instructions I followed on the Chronicle Books Blog, the book it comes from is Dorm Decor  and yes it is super cool, probably very simple but I am terrible at cutting things... we also bought much thicker foam core.

this is my kind now

oh thats not so bad... ohh wait what are those giant chunks out of it's nose? and what? isn't there a piece missing?? why yes yes there is a piece missing. You see I do this thing sometimes where I just jump right in and forget to read the instructions. So by the time I realised what an epic failure it was there was no point cutting out that missing piece.... but I will persist next time with the help of my trusty husband who yes can wield a bigger penknife than me and yes with more accuracy. He would have been a good surgeon but he is a huge wimp when it comes to blood and gore (unlike me).

we also think we might enlarge it a tad - and make ourselves one at the same time, luckily I thought it was going to be much bigger and as such have heaps of foam core left :) btw in case you were wondering foam core is super cheap I got a huge piece 10mm thick from Riot for $16 but the thinner pieces were only like $5. After successfully cutting it out I also have plans to cover it will wood veneer contact paper I got from K-Mart fingers crossed 'deer mark II' will be perfect 

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