Sunday, October 30, 2011

Animal Silhouettes

After tackling one of my long ago thought up projects yesterday I think today I will try to keep the ball rolling. Yes I should be studying but when I finally learn to master my creative bursts I will put other more important things ahead of it :)

this lovely drawing was done by my two-year old niece, it hung on our fridge for a while but kept falling off due to the size. I don't think it gets its value from the quality, obviously, but more so from watching her do it. It was my mother's 60th birthday and as the little one sat scribbling furiously more and more of her body making it's way onto the table so she was almost laying on it, the cuter it got. That was also the weekend that Joel and I announced our proposal, it was a fun night later on into the evening the little one entertained us further by getting up and dancing in front of everyone, not a shy one at all.

So back to the point this lovely little huge drawing has been sitting tucked away in my file for a long time and after coming across this pin on Pinterest I finally decided what to do with it

There are so many ideas when it comes to children's silhouette art and though it will be displayed in our home rather than in her own room I want to make it as fun as possible. My ever helpful friend (who, tear is moving away soon) suggested I use a silhouette of one of little one's favourite animals.  Apparently she loves all animals but dogs are her favourite.

these cute prints can be purchased from Tiny Decor, I found them on Green Your Decor 

Hiroshi Sasagawa via Apartment Therapy via Sarah Hearts Design

Source: Scratch and Sniff via Sandy A La Mode
so to make mine I looked for a beagle silhouette (because that would be the dog of choice for us) and then using excel inserted the image into a spreadsheet and with show page lines on, dragged it so it was big enough to fit over 2 pages (in retrospect could have been over 4 and definitely with margins narrowed) and printed.... then voila! using a craft knife cut it out of the scribble and put onto whatever your backing is (I cheated and just flipped the insert over (I know something thicker would look better etc but time and money people!) I happened to have an Ikea frame laying around that I bought in the 'as-is' section it's silver but seriously considering painting it black.... let me know what you think

side note: if you are looking for a image to use just search google images 'silhouette dog (or animal)' and try changing settings to get only black and white results this limits the amount of stuff you have to scroll through to find your perfect pic :)

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