Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mexican Fiesta

Along with the epic-ness that is going to be Christmas it is also going to be Joel's brother's 21st birthday. Now I would imagine it would suck to be a young bloke and to have your birthday fall every year on THE biggest holiday of the year. You might want to hang out with friends have a beer etc but you just can't.... so we will be throwing him a 'Mexican Fiesta' style birthday bash. Where did this idea come from? Well we had originally planned just having a dinner in his honor on Christmas Day and I remembered how he always went on about burritos so a fiesta seemed perfect. Now the dinner has escalated to a party and will be held on Christmas Eve

We intend on setting up the tents for Christmas Day early so they will be up and ready to go, we just need a few decorations....

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I think a Mexican theme is great fun, basically just throw in as much colour as you can! and even better you can easily get away with colourful paper plates and cutlery etc. We know someone who runs a Mexican takeaway shop so might look into getting that yummy Mexican food from him or otherwise find as many pre-prepared things as possible to heat etc before serving. Yum, hope he enjoys it!

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