Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the words escape me..

I had a job interview yesterday at Wittner. It did not go well. You know those ones were they say 'I'll call you' but you both know that the chances of you working there are as good as a cat becoming an opera singer. Well that was it.

I had come from an exam, moving house and a badly timed argument with the hubby so I guess my frame of mind would have contributed to my less than stellar performance. I wore my white Wittner tack peep toe shoes (the ones I wore on my wedding day) and a grey Sportscraft shift dress my hair was 'perfectly coiffed' and I had just the right amount of make-up and perfume on. Yet I failed to impress.

Why is it that the words that would be perfect only come to you in the moments after they are needed. She asked 'why shoes not apparel' I made up some bogus long-winded blah before I said 'I always plan my outfit around my shoes' I probably should have lead with that adding 'I am an excellent sewer, I can make my own clothes but shoes are beyond my capability'.

After looking at my previous work experience she asked why I would like retail over hospitality.... wow this one should have been easy - you don't have to deal with chefs, late nights, sore, aching legs, not so good wages, stability etc etc I said because I thought the people were nicer.... which somehow managed to get us on the tangent that  no in fact retail people were horrible, I don't know whether she was baiting me to start some kind of bitching session or not but either way it was to neither of our benefits.

I guess at least it prepared me a little for any future shoe store interviews I might attend and also I guess if there is someone out there Googling 'Wittner Job Interview' as I was doing yesterday it might be helpful


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