Saturday, November 26, 2011

BBQ Christmas Menu

So it's less than a month till Christmas. Wow this year has certainly flown by super fast. We have moved 3 times, we got married, I learnt French, I lost weight, I put weight back on. Intense.

But back to the good stuff, Christmas Lunch, Joel and I were supposed to be hosting Christmas at our place this year but well I have to tell you now we got a new place. You like my choice of words there right? 'place' note not a house we are moving into 'town' into an apartment/flat/unit (apparently they are all the same thing) which is really like a studio apartment but anyway pictures later. The point is it's incredibly small and we can barely fit our lounge in there let alone dining table and 20 people so we will be hosting it but not at our house. This means that we are forced to use the unsanitary kitchen belonging to Joel's Grandfather. Unspeakable things have gone on in that kitchen so a simple clean would not satisfy even the grubbiest person thus we tried to come up with a menu that uses the kitchen as little as possible.

So we have all courtesy of the Taste website (I downloaded their Taste Summer App and that's how I found these goodies) Barbecued Butterflied Lamb, Honey Parsnips and Carrots and Barbequed Mushrooms and Asparagus. For good measure I will also add the Warm Potato and Chive Salad which we had at our wedding and I had also contemplated making this amazing Caprese Salad from What Katie Ate but decided that it wouldn't go too well with my no-fuss Christmas Lunch.

We will drink these Christmas Caipirinhas and for dessert we will have a simple fruit salad because I am sure there will be plenty of naughty stuff around to snack on.

The best thing about it all is it's also relatively non-fuss, especially if you get someone else to butterfly the lamb for you, the trickiest part will be peeling and chopping carrots and by using the BBQ you tend to get the males more involved in the process, leaving me more time to do things like laying the table. :)

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