Tuesday, November 8, 2011

christmas hearts

... they're not finished but today I sewed 10 hearts for our Christmas tree. I used some of the leftover taffeta from my wedding dress (we have SO much left) and some thin white ribbon I found laying around, they still need to be ironed and stuffed and the little hole hand stitched along with attaching the ribbon... but it shouldn't take too long and I still need to buy some hobby fill

I also decided to do a cull of our cheap decorations... this is what I ended up with... i tried to keep it a small pile but it wasn't too hard... not sure what I might do with them yet... I think I might spray all the baubles one colour and then use them all as decorations on gifts... who knows

and finally this is my reasoning behind the scatter brain... yep moving, back into Joel's Grandads house because we are having a lot of trouble finding a new place. it sucks.

and to add crushing rejection to crushing rejection i am looking for a job.

yep really not loving life today

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