Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Best Things in Life....

....contain sugar

as in dessert isn't it the best thing in the world? my ultimate personal favourite thing is a big warm croissant with melted chocolate jammed in the middle.

However at the wedding I don't know I guess this wasn't appropriate.... so instead we had icecream :)

That was the one big fun splurge we made at the wedding, hiring an ice-cream truck it was Joel's idea and we decided it would be the one thing we wouldn't tell everyone (i am horrible at keeping secrets). It was pretty awesome and a lot cheaper than you might think so I would highly recommend it. However they were pretty hard to find, after a lot of googling I emailed one guy who was booked out but gave me the contact details for other vans in the area, strangely enough though it was on this business for sale listing which I found our van.

Isabella from the Treats Kiosk was so very lovely and helpful and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a van on the mid-north coast, when we had less people than anticipated they even contacted me after the wedding to give us a refund!

  All they needed was a power outlet and they were ready to go, though the kids enjoyed it, I think it was the oldies who really loved it. Joel's Uncle in particular saying how great it was reminding him of his childhood.

Of course we did have a few other things for dessert namely our wonderful wedding cake made by Joel's Aunt with a recipe given to me by my friend Jayde. It was a three tier cake of dark-choc mud, white-choc mud and caramel mud cake with Italian meringue buttercream icing, decorated with fresh flowers and perched on a tree round we found left over from the forestry. We had planned to have ganache between all the layers but instead arranged to have bowls of ganache ready to pour on for those who wanted an extra kick of chocolate. OMG it was amazing so rich, so much chocolate and of course it looked so pretty and simple.

The birds that we used as a cake topper Joel and I purchased from Bed, Bath and Table (pretty much our favourite homewares store) it was one of those cute relaxed shopping times before the wedding and they now sit on our dressing table in the bedroom (well not at the moment as we are still homeless). We also had a trifle of sorts made from profiteroles that had been originally intended for a tower but unfortunately didn't quite work out as planned.... though with a ton of cream and ganache they tasted pretty darn amazing. I must say a giant thank-you to Joel's Aunt who put in a mammoth effort for the wedding making my bouquet, the wedding cake, and also numerous other things. She was just one of the many people who helped out immensely in order to make our day what it was :)

source: Moikka Paper via Oh So Beautiful Paper

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