Monday, April 25, 2011

brown snakes and floppy hats

my housemate is dating a rugby boy who also happens to be one of the boy's best friends, every year they have a ladies day and as we are going this year I am racking my brains to figure out what I should wear. Their team is called the Brown Snakes and we must therefore dress in brown.

hence the dilemma... though when we moved this weekend I did find an old floppy brown felt hat and that got me thinking....

from left to right; Asos '70s straw floppy hat, Chictopia - Chocolate Chip Couture, Chictopia - Playing with Fire and Brigitte Bardot on Daily Gloss

dreaming of owning a house...

we have signed a new lease on a new house. I will not yet call it a home because it does not yet feel like one. we are now further away from the beach and all the fun. our old house is empty and the new one full of boxes. 

taken by the real estate - no link for privacy reasons

it is in all aspects a family home - I don't think its very cool but that's because my taste differs from the average person 

best thing about it - we have an ensuite and massive walk-in

will update on decorating progress later

Saturday, April 9, 2011

dreaming of hearts

today I finished folding all the paper hearts that will go onto our wedding invitations and thought I would share

also inspected a really great house today and I really hope we get it! positive thoughts!

For interests sake the book I used was Charles Dickens 'Great Expectations' and though I was a little hesitant about destroying a book we purchased it from Vinnie's for 20c.

I will post a link to the heart tutorial in the next few days :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am in search of an inventive and cheap way to provide both coffee and side tables for the wedding... and after I came across this DIY on Design*Sponge it got me thinking...

from left to right; Elements of Style via Live the Fancy Life, Killer Robot Design, Etsy Store: Love Nostalgic Whimsy via Cosa Verde and lastly Where My Heart Resides


As my elder sister has already amassed quite a collection of vintage suitcases this shouldn't be too hard... 
I think

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the move

we have to move house. not looking forward to it. I love our house.

Monday, April 4, 2011

balloons and tulle

Found this on The Sweetest Occasion a great resource for planning not only weddings but all kinds of parties, and this is actually along the lines of how I envisage my Bridal Shower to be. Its super cute, for the full post go here.

Glittery Ballet-Inspired Bridal Shower Shoot

bunting gifts

i love homemade birthday things, its my friends birthday today and we are going out for dinner tonight, she is the absolute hardest person to buy for, she doesn't like flowers. homemade cards are absolutely simple to make and are way cheaper than buying conventional greeting cards and often a lot cooler. The first one shown below is from How About Orange and the second from Design*Sponge.

so this is what i did, I chose pink, black and gold to go with the gold on the Lindt box, the black of the necklace and pink because its pretty

 to make the bunting I simply cut out little triangles (free-hand) arranged them in a 'bunting-type manner' and glued them down.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

men in suits

The boy was actually pretty on the ball when it came to his suit, as soon as we set the date we started looking around for one. David Jones had a really great one but the women's brand Witchery brought out a new men's line called wait for the creativity - Witchery Man. They make a grey suit called the Don Draper, I think this is pretty much what sold it for him. It doesn't exactly fit very well but he got it on a super-duper sale so we can definitely afford to have it tailored.

Don Draper Suit Jacket and Pants, Aquila Men's Shoes


J Crew via Elizabeth Anne Designs

fun photos

from left to right Elizabeth Messina via A Cup Of Jo, Jackie Wonders via Love and Lavender, Adrienne Gunde via Green Wedding Shoes and You Look Nice Today via Ruffled 

Our photographers Mike and Amy have been awesome and thrown in a photobooth to take place at the reception, I think photobooths are a totally wicked idea as you often don't end up with photos of your guests. I originally was all for the above kind of idea but have tried to find some ornate frames at decent prices only to be disappointed.

Enter the Smilebooth concept 

Martha Stewart Bridal Market Party - Smilebooth

pretty awesome right?

now as we are doing the whole bookish thing I think our backdrop might have to include well ... books ... or something .... watch this space