Wednesday, November 9, 2011


yesterday we spent the entire day from sun up to sun down cloistered in the Grandfather's garage cleaning. It was quite horrific, he is one of those older gentlemen who for lack of a better more socially appropriate word 'hoards'. He also has a chicken coop in the back garden, so I bet you can guess what that means.... or if you can't yep one huge disgusting pest problem.

You see when you live on the coast in Australia you have to kind of expect cockroaches, you use all manner of pest control to get rid of them, fumigate the house etc etc but they will never be completely gone, but at his house it's a whole new ballgame. The combination of birds, hoarding and two men who have no real concept of picking up after themselves makes for one massive orgy of pests, they have cockroaches galore, mice/rats, possums and yep we found termites in the garage.... big problem

As Joel and I kinda respect our stuff... alot you can imagine we are a little wary of moving it in there, so before we do we gotta get on top of that pest problem. Luckily we convinced the Grandfather to let us get a skip... a long overdue plan and we are tossing a whole lot of stuff out - he might even let us in the house who knows we have it for 7 days. And then we can tackle that horrendous pest problem.

So when we got home all tired, smelly and feeling like a wash down with a high pressure cleaner was in order it filled me with hope and excitement to see the following Ikea Family catalog in the mail.
Oh how lovely and clean all the interiors look!

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