Saturday, October 1, 2011

one week +

i meant to write a post yesterday but we were busy finally travelling home. but yes it has been a week yesterday since we were married!

i hope this excuses my absence and total lack of posts, but damn we were busy. You know how you think you are super duper organised and have everything under your total control? well think again.

i started the week of my wedding with my 23rd birthday and an exam. yep one was totally awesome and amazing the other not so bad as i thought it would be.

having done little to no study for the exam i was prepared to go into it and die quietly with my head on the desk but somehow the exam fairies felt like showering me with love and made it almost exactly the same as a previous years one i had looked at. high five to them.

i then had a lovely afternoon with my husband-to-be and all our lovely friends at the beach celebrating with a BBQ and a super duper healthy chocolate cake (no really it had no flour and was choc full of dates, recipe found here). I have never felt more fortunate and loved in all my life.

the rest of the evening was spent constructing wedding projects including these cool as E + J pinatas

oh and did i mention that i got these adorable little shoes for my nieces to wear. SO cute!

so constructed the pinatas out of cardboard, a buttload of tape and glue and yep you guessed it book pages. there are quite a few sites around showing how to DIY pinatas, i used pinterest as a search engine, looked at basics and then just did it my way :)

it's relatively easy to do just cut out giant letters, make them 3D and cover them in something pretty

unfortunately we didn't end up breaking ours and as we drove home yesterday they supplied us with enough sugar to kill a small child/animal each time we dipped our hands in.

Tuesday morning i went shopping with my lovely and always helpful friends for make-up and spent a whopping $300 on make-up. Yep i was kinda shocked. i didn't realise it would all add up so much and have NEVER spent that much on cosmetics in my LIFE. but apparently i was in that pre-wedding glow where 'why not' is a phrase that enters the vocab quite frequently.

after looking over my receipt though i was shocked to learn that a MAC make-up brush cost $70


i nearly took it back. i wish i did. but i didn't. because ultimately it is a shit brush and the $35 SET of brushes i bought from priceline work SO much better.

the rest of the day i spent craning my neck to the curb awaiting the arrival of my dear sister the MOH whilst cleaning the house (we had an inspection the inconsiderate b*strds)

but this post is getting pretty long right maybe i will save some for later (with more pictures too? ok sure)

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