Thursday, October 6, 2011

the not very patient wife

we are scheduled to have our photos back on the 10th Oct, but i am so impatient!! i don't know if any other newlyweds are as obsessed as me constantly checking Facebook/Email etc to see if more pics of their day turn up... or rechecking all the ones they have available I AM OBSESSED.

and this is not a good thing when life continues post-wedding. WHAT?!? there are other things to do that don't involve weddings!! I don't believe it!!

unfortunately yes there are.... including the two assignments i must complete by next week, the job i need to get by November and the perfect house we need to find by Christmas!!!

but in the meantime let's just stay in the dreamworld that is weddings and let me share with you some more pics taken by friends and family and also me :)

this is the tree J drew for the wedding guest book. he is mighty proud of it and this morning even said 'have you taken a picture of our tree for your blog yet?' so in answer why yes i have and here it is :)

these last two florals were taken on the day after the wedding... i had forgotten to put my bouquet in water so it was looking a little sad after being dragged around all day and the other is my favourite vase... i just love how the everlasting daisies turned out! i hadn't really envisaged them in the florals but like everything else (except the roses) they were plucked from the family garden the morning of the wedding and everything just worked :)

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