Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

My belle-mere is visiting so this should be a short post as we will shortly have to go around to dinner with the hubby's Grandfather.

good news is we finally have finished putting together our thank-you cards! I used the freebie on the EatDrinkChic website it's quite cute, called 'Love and Thanks' you can find it here. I printed them on A5 card folded as I'm am not really a fan of square cards (i think it has something to do with being raised in a post office).

but you are probably wondering why this post is entitled 'Christmas 2011' when i have not as yet spoken about anything Christmas related!!

well i have probably mentioned before that i am not really good at the whole Christmas spirit thing, the whole idea just stresses me out and I long for the Christmases when I was still a kid and we had waterfights in the backyard and played with our gifts all day, stress free, not having to choose where to go, not having to visit other people (I know sounds really selfish of me but I am not good at 'making polite conversation' with distant relatives or other in-laws... i love my own though lol). 

anyho i am terrible at staying on track today but long story short we are hosting Christmas this year where ever we end up and will visit my family either before or after the rush so as always i got to thinking how i will lay the table :)

ideally we will have a large backyard and i can set up one or two of our little wedding tents (with curtains to keep out those aussie flies) and a long table with all our lovely reupholstered chairs the rest is better explained with pictures....

Notes from Polly via Pinterest here
H & M via Brunch with Saks 
Mary Swenson on Project Wedding via Brunch at Saks 

but i have to go now so sorry for rushing :/

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