Saturday, October 15, 2011

wood paneling

so we went and looked at some houses yesterday... oh didn't i tell you yeah we are moving... again.... it sucks but then again it does mean we can get out of suburbia and back to where things happen and it doesn't take a 15 min drive to get to....

well anyway back to the story we looked at two places in the area i know i would LOVE to move back to! the first was definitely a goer it was a decent size, had a sweet ass back deck and a decent sized lockable garage. The second I liked the interior better but unfortunately the garage lacked a door... a definite no no for boys with bikes.

So I know that chances are we won't get too many more reasonably priced houses in right area with car spaces so I am going to pin my hopes on that 1st one.

oh btw did i tell you that the owners seem to be kinda obsessed with wood paneling....

source: Annie Schlecter via Design Crisis
tricked you!!

no it's definitely not the nice kind of wood paneling. it's actually kinda more like this....

source: ugly house photos
the house is 2 bedrooms and a study, advertised as 3 bedrooms as usual. the kitchen is strangely sequestered in the middle of the house and everything is connected by maze-like passages. there is a servery style window in the kitchen onto a room which doesn't look like the right kind of size for anything really. it is this weird extension that houses the wood paneling. so in the weird non-room there is veneer paneling half way up the wall, it's hideous. the kitchen also has a bit of a thing for ugly wood and i guess they thought they would carry it through to the bedroom and put louvered built-ins. the 3rd bedroom/study actually has real wood paneling. as the husband seems to think it was pretty cool i think i will designate him that room as a study IF we get the house.


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