Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a sneaky peek

the photographers have posted some of the pics on their blog!! YAY!!

you can find them here!

and while i am at it one of the relatives posted a number of pics on facebook showing a few reception details :)

Dad, J and I put the tents up with a little help from my lovely sisters (they were $25 each on clearance from super cheap auto, and totally worth it). J's mum (belle-mere) sewed all the quilts and cushions you see and together with my lovely friend (the romance novel one) and my mum the mosquito nets were set up (my brother lent a hand too)

J made the cute little blackboard table out of pallet wood and a piece of masonite and the stump stools were courtesy of my sister (the MOH)

My sisters all worked like trojans on the morning of the wedding doing all the flower arrangements and bouquets (except mine which was made by J's aunt) while my friends and I set up the tables.

The only thing i was disappointed in were those stupid bistro chairs (the more i saw them the more i hated them) and also by the time we made it back to the reception after taking photos everyone had brought out the plastic chairs.... so in retrospect i should have started earlier and got way more chairs

we also discovered we were one round tablecloth short.... still haven't figured out where it went

the best area of the whole thing 'the lounge tent' i am still yet to find a great picture... we set up two cane lounges with a pallet coffee table in the centre (it looked so good when it was put together and we intend on having a piece of glass cut so we can use it at home)

J's dad took care of all the lighting and we managed to do it relatively cheaply with 4 portable spotlights ($10 each from Bunnings) and a crazy dual spotlight we wired up ($40 from bunnings) to highlight a beautiful plane tree, festoon strings along the wisteria walkway (which we already had) and some simple lights for the tents which we made using stuff from Bunnings (about $20 worth) and these cool reflector globes which i managed to find at the last minute. All the tables also had rose scented tea light candles and some home made candles were set in the garden

it was all so beautiful and i am so happy everything worked together after months of planning on paper :)

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