Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Christmas Crafts

as a recently married student with no job i am what you would call i dont know.... broke

so as the thought of Christmas approaching with all it money pit glory i have been trawling pinterest for some ideas on homemade gifts and crafts to make the coming season.... well a little more relaxing than taxing (yep it rhymes BOOYAH!!)

so here is my pick of things i plan to do/make (feel free to hold me to this if you do not see any follow up posts of any kind)

oh yeah and family etc LOOK AWAY

- faux deer head - rubyslounge on etsy via Oil Wells 2 Cotton Bales
- paper ribbons - this one's tricky found it on Pinterest the link takes you to Baying Hound Howls but the Flickr picture is removed... image is attributed to Spotted Sparrow who also have a tutorial on their blog here
- bobby pins  - a homemaker's journal and Little Miss Momma she also has an Etsy shop here
- newspaper rosette wreath - natureaccessories on Etsy here
- solid perfumed pocket watch - Design Sponge posted by Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes
- white fur cape - Pink Princess and jewellery stand - also on Design Sponge tutorial here

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