Thursday, October 6, 2011

how to put on weight post wedding

so now that the wedding has been and gone (3 weeks tomorrow) i am without something decent to procrastinate about. enter cooking. again.

see pre wedding me was all about losing as much weight as i could before the big day... i ended up losing about 12kg (yay for me!!) but since the wedding.... well let's just say eating leftover wedding cheese, meat, chutney and cake hasn't been too good for the figure.

and what i am about to show you isn't really helping either...

while doing the usual procrastinating over on pinterest i spotted this crazy recipe titled 'Coffee and Donut Cupcakes' on a blog called 'Always with Butter'.... yep you know it's definitely not going to be kind to your figure now

but my husband (still a bit strange calling him that) LOVES donuts. so i ....had to try it???

you may notice that mine actually have a pretty pattern going on there... well thats because we don't have a donut tin and i thought why not just use the bundt one... seems to work just the same. also thought i would have a LITTLE consideration for my ass at the gym tomorrow (i will definitely need to go now) and decided to omit the cupcakes with buttercream (oh and we have ran out of coffee too)

now probably should mention you really should listen when they say fill 3/4rs but in my case i think half probably would have been better as i lost the hole in pretty much all of them (i cheated and cut it out later myself). also i found the mixture a little too sticky so added an extra dash of milk 

the glazing is super simple, icing sugar and water - i just made a whole lot up and literally dipped them in after waiting only about 2 mins or so for them to cool. this meant that i managed to get some cool drips going on and all with pretty much no effort. my kind of icing. also i suck at sprinkles, i don't know how someone can suck at sprinkles but i do.

and according to the husband they were 'excellent' though he said he wants to try chocolate glazing next time :)


  1. hey Emma thanks for the link!
    blast from the past, huh?
    yours ended up pretty cute!
    I actually have a tin like in the pinterest link, and I can see how these would tatse more donut-y, I think its the nutmeg and cinnamon!
    I'm beginning to think 'true' donuts need to be fried, though, but I will definitely try these, thanks :)

    1. yeah maybe, I think I remember the batter being not so much like normal cupcakes and they definitely had a donut-y taste lol

      can't wait to see what you come up with :)