Saturday, October 22, 2011

helpful hints

so i am a novice at a lot of things. i was a novice when it came to planning our wedding, i am a novice when it comes to money, also blogging etc but i am also most definitely a novice when it comes to both photography and digital editing so when i see articles that look like they might be useful, i sit up and take note.

and sharing is caring so i thought i would let you guys in on what i have found too...

today it comes from Anna of Door Sixteen (a super cool design blog if you haven't checked it out before), titled Go Ahead, Make a Circle it shows you a super simple trick in photoshop to making a photograph circular with a transparent background. sounds easy enough but if you are like me and haven't really ever 'got' photoshop it can be super helpful :) now i just need to buy photoshop to practice in lol 

and because it's been a while here is a lovely bedroom colour palette

source: High Gloss via Plush Palate on Pinterest

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