Saturday, September 17, 2011

one week

this time next week i will be dancing barefoot on the grass with my honey, my baby, my husband!!!

today i sit with my computer in bed while he plays angry birds on his iPhone and we wait for him to go to work :(

we tried out all the cake recipes today :) given to me by my good friend - and i must say she has amazing taste in cake and it felt great to get it right the first time no hassle and no testing of different recipes... yes we are leaving it all a bit too late in typical us style... i also have contemplated remaking the skirt of my wedding dress into something less gathered puffball more flared a-line... however i think my future mother in law would kill me if i did. :/

we also started on making some wedding pinatas for us to smash at the end of the night, sorted out the lighting and began working on the photobooth backdrop and guestbook tree

and in between all of this i have found time to create a quick board about all things white and gold, you could say it was inspired by my wedding corset....

found here on Studio Europe
i found it online and went shopping with my sister to buy it from Myer, though unfortunately we found out the hard way that though Myer is one of the main stockists of Pleasure State very few stores actually stock much of the range and we ended up in the Sydney City Store at peak on a Friday afternoon. Also it looks a lot better in the picture the stitching on the bodice is silver, bronze and gold and it looks good... just not as good as the picture. What i really should have done is to splurge on a Agent Provocateur one like this... oh well maybe for our 5th anniversary or something...

anyway i have gotten majorly off track... how nice is the white and gold thing, pretty right? yes but i am a strong believer that there is a fine line between beautiful and tacky when it comes to gold... i think the all white schemes with just a hint of gold look best....

source: Elle Interior Sweden via Automatism, I Have Life On My Mind (we heart it), Jessica Sutton Graphic Design and Basic Appeal (Tumblr)  

also i have an exam on monday it's going to be super hard, i haven't done any study yet, oh and it will be my birthday :) i turn 23. yuck. then tuesday it will be absolutely all wedding :)

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