Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas in Australia

Today I am procrastinating majorly (yep again, I know I really should do something), we are still on the hunt for a new home, I am still on the hunt for a new job (offers welcome) and university has not yet finished for the year (though exams are getting pretty close). However with a few events on the calender; my Dad's 60th, my mother-in-law's 50th and of course Christmas I thought I may as well turn my thoughts to the one closest.

Christmas in Australia is a little bit different to celebrating it in other parts of the world for one thing it's not freezing cold and hardly ever snows over the holidays (being Summer and all), so to us Santa being rugged up to the max with fur and all seems a little out of place. It got me thinking our Christmas tree (if Christmas trees were to have feelings) would also be feeling the heat around this time so this year I might just keep it simple (not that it's really something new) and instead of using the plethora of cheap ugly decorations we have I may just craft up a couple of simple ones. Like these ones.....

source: Karin Lidbeck-Brent for Good Housekeeping and Chrisjob for Curbly
source: reyaveltman on Etsy via Epheriell Designs and Martha Stewart

and because this year (as always) i am all about saving the $$$ these little cherubs are ones that should cost me next to nothing - Candy Canes obviously have to be bought fresh, I am sure I can use book pages to make the next ones, I will raid my fabric stash for the hearts and Joel's Grandads house for the buttons..... now that just leaves a cheap place to buy the stash of ribbon I am going to need.....

also have too put it out there my mother has finally decided to give up smoking again!!! i am SO immensely proud of her and hope that this time round she can be successful it will make the hugest difference to her health and hopefully mean she can be around a bit longer for us all :)

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