Monday, October 3, 2011

pre-wedding week slavery

continuing from yesterday my sister did eventually arrive with my older sister and her two lovely boys not too far behind we all (except me of course still being on the dreaded shake diet) sat down on the floor (chairs all being up north by now) and ate some lovely Thai food and decided that none of us felt like driving through the night and we would leave super early Wednesday morning.....

so the super early thing didn't really happen we arrived up north by early afternoon and MOH was so scared of the giant list of things we would have to do before Saturday that she got us all to work straight away.

in retrospect kinda glad she did cos in the end we sure as hell didn't get everything we had intended finished.

here are a few projects we undertook during the wedding week....

of course there are a few we didn't take pics of including finishing my wedding dress, the dreaded upholstered stumps (MOH almost lost a finger tensions were running high), the lighting, music and putting up/taking down and putting up again of the tents (the weather forecast for our wedding day was wind and rain, luckily it held off until the next day)

ok im no good at writing today more pics tomorrow (fingers crossed our official pics are ready soon)

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