Thursday, March 15, 2012

St Patrick's Day Pinata

I love making pinatas. It started with our wedding pinatas that were never smashed, then I made some mini traditional pinatas, then a monster pinata for my nephews birthday and now I am going to share with you how EASY  it is to make your own pinata for almost any occasion.

So today, as St Patrick's Day is fast approaching, we are going to make a clover pinata!

1. Grab an empty cereal box (or you can splurge on real cardboard) I used quite a large one
2. Using pencil trace out a clover shape - it took me a few goes to get it right but if your aren't feeling confident head to Google Images and search for a clover outline 

3. Cut out your clover shape and keep the sides of the boxes they will help you make it 3D
4. Using your first clover shape lay it on your card FACE UP and trace (this will help make a uniform shape)
5. Cut your two side panels in half so you have four strips all together
6. Starting near where you want your opening to be tape the side panels onto your clover shape, folding the side panels where the inside edges are if needed
7. Join the side panels together when you need to - I used about 3 and a half to go all the way around
8. Leave a section about 3cm long un-taped this will be your opening
9. Lay the second clover shape on top and tape as before - this side should be a lot easier

10. Now would be a good time to attach a string to the pinata for hanging later (or you could use a hole punch at the beginning in each clover shape)
11. I made a hole by stabbing it with scissors - not very safe and then threading a ribbon through

12. Gathering your glue (I used kid's craft glue) and green tissue paper around you, cut strips of tissue paper to your desired length (the longer they are the less layers you have to do but also the shape will be less defined)
13. Fringe the strips you created by making small cuts all the way along the strip - you can cut several at once
14. Starting from the bottom work your way up and around the clover - you may want to glue some plain strips to the sides to make sure everything is covered (see picture)

  15. If like mine your clover is not very defined you can grab a pair of scissors and trim the excess around the edges

16. Now you can fill your pinata ready for smashing or simply use as a decoration!

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