Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St Patrick's Day Hat

The second last of my St Patrick's Day crafts is a simple top hat made from cardboard. There are many tutorials out there for cardboard hats and they are all worth investigating, my own comes from the hats my mother used to make when we were children and I am sure it must be simpler but I can't figure out how. Any suggestions please leave a comment below or share your stories on my Facebook page here.

1. Take a sheet of cardboard (gold, green or orange), scissors, ruler, pencil, eraser, pen knife, cutting board and it would really help to have a compass but I didn't have one so you can probably do without. My cutting board doubled as a ruler and I used my tape measure in place of a compass

2. Now you want to draw 2 circles, mine were 11cm and 17.5cm in radius (or 35cm and 22cm in diameter) the smaller will serve as the top of your hat while the other as the brim
3. I then measured two 14cm strips from the opposite end of the cardboard

4. Using a pen knife cut out both circles so they remain intact, then scissors to cut the two strips
5. From the top circle measure 1cm around the edge and score making clips all the way around
6. Do the same for the two strips on one side

7. Tape one side together of the two strips and form a circle, slide the brim over the top
8. Using a glue stick or hot glue gun, glue the tabs onto the brim
9. Cut the side strips to size and trim
10. Do the same for the top of the hat - because we added tabs to the circle the sides of the hat are slightly larger in circumference, so I simply pulled the card around after cutting close to the bottom of the brim - it kinda becomes a feature of the hat but I am sure there is a better way to do it

11. Add a piece of tissue paper or card in a contrasting colour and voila a hat!

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