Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion Thursdays

I was feeling a bit all over the place for my fashion Thursday this week; I watched a movie on the weekend and wanted to do a bit out of that, then I borrowed Sally Potter's Orlando and wanted to do that (well I will but just not yet) then I decided to take a look at my Pinterest boards for a bit of inspiration.

Enter the effortlessly cool and handsome Steve McQueen, I remember my mother once telling me that she had a massive crush on him when she was young and it's not hard to see why.

Steve McQueen classic American style photographed by Life Magazine, John Varvatos Leather Jacket via Nordstrom, Jeffrey West Muse Chunky Brogue Boots via Asos, Rodd & Gunn Oldsquaw Jean, Calvin Klein Short Sleeved T-Shirt via Asos, Steve McQueen via Chad's Dry Goods, ts(s) White Suede Brogues on The Shoe Buff, Lightweight Essex Pant in Urban Slim Fit on J.Crew, Jeffrey Short Sleeved Polo with Tipping from Lacoste, Steve McQueen with Ferrari 250GTL, Jack Spade Tie from Nordstrom, Salvatore Ferragamo Andrea Lace-Ups on Ask Men, Dolce and Gabbana 'Martini' stretch wool suit from Nordstrom, Steve McQueen 'The Great Escape' on The Knightly News, James Perse Crewneck Sweatshirt on Nordstrom, Brown Chromexcel Belt from Rancourt and Co, Red Wing Wabasha chukka boots from J.Crew and Tobacco Skinny Carrot Chinos from Topman     
The way his style can effortlessly translate into the fashion of today just furthers his claim to cool superiority and in so many different ways. The vintage motorbike and general love of racing also seems to bring that allure.... I am a sucker for a Guy in bike gear ;)

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