Sunday, March 4, 2012

Money Mondays

Though Joel and I are relatively hard on money at the moment I like to think our unit is as well decorated as one we might have on a bigger budget. Admittedly we are now in a very small unit so we don't really need much but I like to think what we do have is both practical and stylish. This is a mantra I believe in for budget decorating - i.e. no nic-nacs.

So my top tips for decorating on a budget... well for starters check out Marni Jameson's 5 Decorating Mantras To Live By right here. She makes some brilliant points.

Particularly number 2 'Buy it Once, Buy it Right'
I blogged about the dramas of buying our first lounge here, we took forever to decide, FOREVER. This meant a month or two sitting on a rug and 'shotgunning' an armchair, the sole seat in the lounge room. But 3-ish years on we still have a damn fine looking lounge that though in definite need of a clean, will last us in style and functionality for many years to come. Same goes for our bed, we slept on a mattress on the floor for a couple of weeks until we could afford to get the solid, good quality one we wanted. So basically what I am getting at is, don't settle for a cheap, ugly design if you can help it, with a bit of patience, luck, searching you can find the right piece that will stick with you for years instead of months.

And sometimes you can get totally lucky, if you are willing to get your hands dirty. 
For instance in the past we have picked up off the side of the road; a shelving unit, 2 Parker dining chairs, 1 CRO chair, a Tessa T21 Swivel Armchair and once Joel's mate even found him a grill for his car. Yes these things did need a little tidying up (the T21 is still hanging about for a full restoration) but the quality of these pieces just makes it totally worth it. eBay is also a goldmine for those on a budget - we have had numerous bargains on eBay including my beautiful wooden sideboard purchased for around $50 and more recently 14 black folding chairs for $12  TOTAL. If the colours aren't right, wood ugly etc etc don't forget how a simple paint job can totally change an item with good bones. Check out Natty By Design and see the wonderful things she has created simply with a coat of paint.  

In the coming Monday's I will be sharing with you a few simple DIY decorating projects that you could easily attempt at home. In the meantime if you have a great restoration or tip to share please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or head on over to the Stepford Facebook page here


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