Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St Patrick's Day Banner

If you have been around this week you will notice things going a little green. With St Patrick's Day on Saturday there have been a few projects on the burner and today is no different. Like the card this project is extremely simple, and if you only just discovered Stepford I would advise doing them at the same time as they both involve rainbows!

This time you will need some paper, scissors, paint, brush and either a sewing machine/string and glue/string and hole punch

1. Cut out several triangles (mine has 21) out of white/cream paper - I used this Ikea paper
2. Using a fine paintbrush and some paint (again I used watercolour paint - I picked up this pack for $6 from Go-Lo) starting with purple draw a large arc on the triangles, continue with other colours (blue, green, yellow, orange and red)
3. Once dry join your triangles together, I sewed mine by feeding through each triangle as one continuous thread but you could also glue string along the back or punch holes in each corner and thread a string along

4. Your banner is now ready to hang! Again like the card you can choose a different design or motif to draw on the banner for example a clover or the words 'St Patrick's Day' etc

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