Sunday, March 18, 2012

Money Mondays becomes Budget Decor...

I am still very new to this blogging business and in effort to make my content more interesting I still have a few kinks to work out... so I have decided to cut Money Mondays in order to post about something I find really interesting and will be able to post about indefinitely and importantly what I think others might find interesting....

Enter budget decor.... it's still about doing things on the cheap but in the sole region of home decorating/party decor etc and I believe it is something that my interest runs deep in and hopefully you the reader will also find interesting.

So for today only I am going to hark back to my previous post on finding that Ira Glass quote, which like so many had a huge impact on me .

And this week I feel like I really need the wisdom that is contained in that quote because sometimes the motivation to do has to be fought for.

Below is the painting Cymon and Iphigenia by Lord Frederic Leighton currently housed at the Art Gallery of NSW. The original is breathtaking and I was given a framed print of it for my 16th birthday. For me the story behind the painting as well as the beautiful colours and textures themselves provide me with a spurt of inspiration/motivation.

 What gives you the motivation to keep going? Please leave a comment below I would love to hear from you, any of you! :) or as always you can head over to my Facebook page here

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