Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anything Can Happen Fridays

I might have mentioned that on Monday I went to visit the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney with my sister and her two boys - we were there especially to see the Harry Potter Exhibition which is now in its last days. It was all kinds of amazing but unfortunately you are prohibited from taking photographs inside however you are allowed a camera in other parts of the museum and  we had the opportunity to take a look at the Love Lace exhibition that is currently on.

Lace Fence by Joep Verhoeven
Neo Lace Gown by Tessa Blazey and Alexi Freeman
Ceremony by Noelle Hamlyn
Spring/Summer 2011 Finale by Tony Maticevski and Shadows of Memory by Michele Eastwood 
Tree by Waltraud Janzen
Italian Bobbin by Marian Smit, Whitework by Anne Farren and The Lost Princess by Yogesh Purohit 
Fragile by Melinda Capp and Nanduti Lace by Griselda Gonzales
 It's definitely well worth the look as you can see and I can even see lots of inspiration in the different pieces... what do you think?

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