Tuesday, June 14, 2011

you are what you eat

weddings and other such events are notoriously bad for the diet, especially the cocktail portion of the evening. how could something so small and so tasty have so many calories? keeping trim is a nightmare for me and pretty much every woman in my family and after so many years of losing and putting on weight you realise that truth 'you are what you eat'.

so why should we not put it into practice on one of the biggest days of our lives? eating healthy makes you happy and when guests are happy they will have fun. obviously some people will be a bit hesitant at the idea but maybe its time we all took another standpoint.

if you are what you eat then i would much rather be a yummy fruit skewer than a greasy pastry

source: everything fabulous and quick dish (and yes its a horribly bad for you recipe)
source: Culinary Cory on Flickr and White on Rice

and not only are they good for you but the simplicity of ingredients means they'd be a snap to make!

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