Sunday, June 26, 2011

the 'it's not a birthday party' party

The weekend has been and gone and with it one crazy night of bubbly, braking stuff and lots of bad photos. But never fear I did manage to snag a pic or two of the pretty cake I made.

Donna Hay's butter cake (my favourite) with strawberry cream cheese frosting - I can't say it was my best effort, I don't know why but it turned out all airy (but not the good kind) and our tastebuds might have been blunted by the booze but I don't remember it tasting that great.... oh well at least it looked pretty... kinda 

taken by me with our Canon Ixus which I happened to drop and break during the course of the evening oops

I have been to the dentist today, what fun! not, just had a clean and they gave me a new toothbrush and told me to brush my gums more. same old.

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