Monday, June 6, 2011

Brisbane Trip 2

to resume where we left off
8. Sizzlers
9. Chermside - bought some Bundt tins (yes Bundt not Bum, Bundt)
10. continued debate on hire of wedding 'minions'
11. ate cheese for dinner - blue the best kind
12. drank some more red wine while watching 'How to Make an American Quilt'
13. went to Southbank for tea with an old friend
14. more antique shopping this time to The Woolloongabba Antique Centre there were a few interesting things here and there and I even found a great paper display in one of the 'stores' excuse the horrible iPhone photo

 and also this great collection of ornate picture frames....

15. i liked the smaller shop over the road better
16. then went to The Paddington Antique Centre which was definitely more relaxed
17. had some more tea
18. had some more wine
19. hitched up the trailer
20. headed back to NSW

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