Wednesday, June 29, 2011

of getting dirty and places to sit

today i got off my bum and decided to finally get going on all the chairs for the wedding..... two days too late, but better late than never i guess. anyho i was lucky enough to get the help of the boy however briefly and we got to chatting about what we were going to do with the ones that needed recovering. We have so far picked up just over 20 chairs - a whole wack of old bistro chairs, some pine country-style ones and 7 that we actually like and are thinking of keeping... it is these ones which need recovering.

these are the said chairs or at least one of every style - as you can see I started on one and as I having been playing with the sander all day my hands are still a little shaky....

the first one we picked up off the side of the road, it had grey tweed fabric on it and severly sunken springs but other than that good solid condition. the second one is one of two Parker chairs also picked up off the side of the road (hence why it is so filthy) and the last one is one of four which we got for $10 off Ebay - these last four are a little lower than the others but the back can be easily moved up higher

ideally we would love to cover them all in black leather but that's not going to happen for many reasons, so have been thinking the best option would be white or cream vinyl or cotton/linen. at this point we don't really want a print/pattern.

my favourite show at the moment is Offspring on Channel 10 and I just love title character Nina's dining room, I am a fan on Facebook and after asking for a pic someone was kind enough to put this screenshot up for me

i love her table, her chairs and that wonderful wall and after having a hand-me-down dining set for the last few years can't wait to have a pretty one - i am also in love with trestle tables at the moment so the boy has promised to make us one - might just have to see if it will go with the chairs first....

while looking for inspiration also found the following I love mismatched chairs but like it better when they are made uniform in some way

source: Decor Demon on Houzz

source: Like That One on Flickr
source: Aesthetics of Joy


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