Tuesday, June 28, 2011

industrial vs rustic

the boy and I love the whole industrial/rustic kind of look and after discussing it today have come to the conclusion that industrial style can basically be defined as taking old crap from factories etc whilst rustic is taking old crap from farm houses/barns etc

either way we like both and have been thinking about a way to incorporate it into the wedding details somehow.... here are a few ideas i have come up with

source: Scissor Variations and Play Each Day

Source: Baylor Says and Randomitus

Source: Julia Hoersch Photography via Decor 8 and Brooklyn to West
 Now as most people who decide to put a bit of an industrial vibe into their wedding day usually choose to simply hold the reception/ceremony or both in an actual warehouse or factory they don't really need much to furnish the imagination. we on the other hand are having our wedding outside, in the beautiful countryside, not at all like a warehouse but I guess kinda a bit rustic. therefore to see industry in the decor might be a bit tricky

decisions, decisions

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