Tuesday, June 21, 2011

of birthdays and romance novels

it's my friends birthday in a couple of weeks and as she will be going away we decided to have a little get-together this weekend. but apparently i am not allowed to call it a birthday party. she doesn't like birthday parties, strange i know i think they are the greatest.

anyho so we are having a party and since she loves reading romance novels so much i thought we could maybe have a romance novel inspired party. one of my other friends noted that there aren't very many of us so it would more likely be a small get-together of weirdo's drinking while in ridiculous costumes but i think that's just fine.

my brain can't really translate ideas into words very well so i will try and demonstrate with pictures

but if i had to buzz words would be romantic (obviously), rustic and ruffles

source: Mary Carroll Photography via Flickr, EMP via the found blog, lime sorbet margaritas via Real Simple and the great unknown that is Flickr via Pinterest but also on we heart it

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