Sunday, June 12, 2011

wilderness but a bit more luxe

we are struggling with a miniscule budget for our very own day of love and when it came to talking about what we would do for our wedding night and subsequent 'honeymoon' we were a little stumped for ideas.

i looked into all the hotels in the region they all sounded good but reviews were horrible and pricing exorbitant. with the wedding being held some way out of town we also weren't keen on traveling on our wedding night. then i found glamping. sounds silly i know but if you haven't heard of it before 'glamping' literally translates to glamorous camping. but pictures speak a thousand words so....

source: ecosalon and J. Morgan Puett

the general idea is to get a tent big enough to stand up in (like this one) furnish it with a rug of some sort, a lovely big bed perhaps, make the walls look not so tent like (maybe some sheer curtains) and voila! a relatively cheap hotel room and much more homely and apparently better for the environment
source: Alkemie and Houzz

 In our own special case the tent we will buy will afterwards be used by him to paint his car in (i think i will get him to put some plastic on the walls though in case we want to re-sell it) we will probably use some Wilma sheer curtains from Ikea which we already have to smooth the walls out and the ground will have a large tarp with our massive grey high-pile rug on top. not too sure what our bed will be possibly a spare taken from the house or maybe we will grab a cheapie from Ikea.

yes i love ikea

the only thing we will be missing will be a bathroom.... we will have to go up to the house for that

but it will be for one (maybe two) nights only as we are then planning to take a small trip camping along the way to Brisbane maybe further... we have two weeks off and just want to see where life takes us

we do however have one night in a hotel planned as i entered a competition on the holidays for couples website and WON!!! how amazing right? just shows you should enter as many as you can :)

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