Friday, June 24, 2011

fun fridays...

Not that Fridays are really that different to any other day for me being that dreaded breed which is the uni student. I had my last exam yesterday WOOHOO!!! no really it's awesome, uni is over for another semester and I am still in the same spot as last semester thinking 'please please pass everything!!'. you would think that I learn, maybe try and do some work during the semester and not just at the end before the exams.

anyho enough with that droll stuff, I have a cold but I am not going to let it stop me having a spectacular night on Saturday. in fact I have just finished putting up what will be the backdrop for our 'photo-booth' and printed some lovely pictures of Fabio to act as masks. I have decided to give the lovely lady who the party is in honour of a photo album filled with lots of lovely pictures of us all having a great time - and as her birthday is not for another few weeks tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to take these said pictures.

   this is the back-drop i 'made' - our house is horribly ugly but luckily they have these crazy archways in between some rooms so after my plan A didn't work out (due to my sheer laziness)  this plan B came into fruition - basically its just a bunch of white curtains on a piece of string and then two more curtains i had laying around wound around the arch thing. I doesn't look amazing but i think the draping of the curtains is kinda romantic.... you know like a romance novel.... i hope

on another note i was putting together a mood board for this competition over on Portobello Bride and became blinded by all the pretty gold....

Source: Ornate Frame, Wedding Invites via 100 Layer Cake, Daily Cup of Couture, Sarah.Wandering, Pretty Stuff via Pinterest and Debbie Cronin Design via Pinterest

and on my list of things to do:
1. Become a better photographer
2. Become amazingly talented with power tools like this chick here

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