Thursday, August 2, 2012


Just a little trip down memory lane today, usually I try to make Thursday about 'fashion' so I thought I would take a look back at my hair over the years....

I had thought that I was fairly brave in my hair decisions but looking back other than colour I have kept the same basic cut.

My natural hair colour was strawberry blonde but I spent my teen years hating the 'straw' colour and longed to go darker - hence the darker colour in my graduation picture at the top left. I quickly realised that dark colours really just wash me out so I spent a few years growing it out, going 'ombre' as they call it now, who knew one day it would be popular??!!

I left it at my natural colour for a few months which is the reddy colour in the top right - turns out your hair gets darker as you age. Then I wanted to go blonde, like really blonde - it really is an addiction to keep getting lighter. I decided to dye it again after a friend told me my hair matched my shoes - which were yellow.

Yep red red I loved it but it was high maintenance and I had to totally rethink my wardrobe - so back to blonde and the only major style change - I chopped it all off.

Never again - I love my long hair

In preparation for the wedding my good friend Sam of Dollhouse Hair took over and things started looking smick.

The final one was taken right before my last haircut - the longest my hair has ever been and now with my fringe grown out.

The jury is still out on what to do next, what do you think?

Also on a side note have I ever told you that my uncle Chris is an awesome superstar? you might have heard his stuff when he was a member of Australian band Wolfmother, well now he and fellow former band member Myles Heskett have teamed up with Sarah Kelly to form Good Heavens with a new album coming out super soon you can check it out here on their Facebook page :)

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