Monday, August 13, 2012

On the Table. Scrolls

So I have ANOTHER bag of apples that needs using (seriously will I ever learn??) but fear not this post does not contain a recipe for something with apples!! However you could put them in if you want ;) this post is all about the yummy goodness of sweet sweet bread in the form of Brown Sugar Walnut Scrolls.

I have made a lot of bread in my time but none of it has been sweet to date (actually scrap that remember the failed hot cross buns of Easter) and I am still yet to perfect it. These scrolls were really really good, though I don't think I let the dough rise quite enough. I used a simple recipe from Taste but made up my own filling, because I like the kind of recipes that don't require a fully stocked pantry and instead allow you to make the best of what you have! Like green apples for instance!

Next time I really want to try this recipe here from Chez Us :) why didn't I this time? because it requires pre-prep ....

But what did I do for the filling? I brushed melted butter onto the flattened dough, laid down a heavy sprinkling of brown sugar and then added crushed walnuts to the mix YUM

What do you think I should make next Tuesday? Leave a comment below or pop on over to my Facebook page and let me know there :)


  1. oh gosh Em, this looks mouthwatering!

    1. they were pretty damn good straight out of the oven but I didn't let the dough rise enough :/