Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monday. I survived.

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I have indeed survived my very first market day at the Cherry Blossom Markets!! We braved the 45-65kmph winds and rain and luckily secured an inside spot to set up! I was no where near the level of organisation I would have liked but luckily the bad weather lessened the very steep learning curve. Next time I will know better.

Today I am doing some very much needed catchup on my uni work along with a bit of a job search (to the job gods something in visual merchandising pretty please, or retail, or banking...) I would LOVE to do this crafting/blogging business full-time (even just helping another crafter out!!) but right now lack of funds is severely limiting my ability to grow this little venture and I REALLY need a car (to the car gods an automatic with lots of room would be fantastic!!!)   

But let's get the begging out of the way and show you the good stuff the pictures we took on the weekend!!

For more pictures including those we took in our 'photo booth' head on over to my Facebook page here :)

I am still trying to work out reasonable pricing on my items so let me know if there is something you like but aren't sure about :) also if you like something but it's not the style or colour that you like feel free to email me or leave a comment on Facebook and I will see what I can do!

A big thanks to Jess of The Wedding Designer for lending me all the props and things I used to make the stall super awesome and Kendall of Sweet Project for coming up with those awesome biscuits!!!

Thanks to Joel for grabbing me some change for my float and helping us pack and unpack the car, and drilling holes for the signs, my awesome friends for stopping by, my family for all their help and well wishes!! and the HUGEST thanks of all goes to my big sister Zoe for driving 4 hours to come and take the pics, drive me around and sew all the wonderful kites! YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY :)


  1. everything looks so awesome and gorgeous! good luck with the job hunt!