Thursday, August 16, 2012

Anything Can Happen Friday. Floral and Spot

If you have ever visited The Wedding Designer's studio in Wickham you will of course be overcome with all the vintage-y goodness but you might notice as I did the lovely rack of dresses by the front door. Or perhaps you were at the recent Olive Tree Markets and found a little stall full of wonderful dresses. Or did you find her work at Emma Soup? Where ever it was I am sure you will remember the work of the lovely Raylee Allen the woman behind label Floral and Spot.

How did you come about the business of 'making'
Just come from a need of not really finding anything unique that I liked and simple, timeless designs..

Who is your biggest supporter?
I have a few supporters...My boyfriend is a big fan, if only he would wear good friend Johanne Jones who keeps me sane and also is a great babysitter...

Where do you see your 'making' taking you (in an optimistic world)?
Would love to be able to have a shop of my own where people can come in and learn about fabric and just chill with a coffee..Oh and of course be famous and make lots of money....

Where can we get your stuff?
My clothing is available at The Olive Tree Markets every month. Also sold in Emma Soup store in Hunter Street, my facebook page floral and spot designs.....I also do other markets around Newcastle, Central Coast and in Wine country.

 If you could be any animal in the world what would it be?
Hhhmmm...I love Hippos?? Dont really know why, they have cute small ears and seem to not be to bothered by to much..but then they are also feared...and the babies are so super cute..

So you sold? A huge thanks to Raylee for taking the time to answer my questions she really is a lovely lady and those dresses... so super cute!! keep an eye out for them in the Edition 11 of 'Your Hunter Valley Wedding Planner' we shot a cute little lace number ;)

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