Tuesday, June 12, 2012


A few months before Joel and I were due to get married my sister called me up and said I've found the most amazing place and I think you should get married here. Unfortunately we were a little too far into our existing plans to even consider it but she still remains an avid supporter of the place and maybe even fantasises about living there....

What's the place? Iandra Castle. It's an old property smack bang in the central west inbetween Young, Cowra and Grenfell not far from Greenthorpe. She headed back there this weekend and managed to grab some pictures of the magnificent homestead which remains in excellent condition... in the middle of nowhere

The main house was built in 1880 and a second storey added in 1908 at that time owner George Henry Greene also built numerous other buildings including a stable which still lies on the property. The property is currently owned by a Mrs Margaret Morris and proceeds from open days provide funds to restore and maintain the place a huge job I would imagine.

I think next time Joel and I are out that way a visit is in order... I just love old buildings :)


  1. oh man that is gorgeous! :)


    1. Especially here in Aus, we don't have so many amazing buildings like Europe :) will have to plan a trip over there someday :)