Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have a typical case of Monday-itis today, everything is a little slow moving and I think I might just need to create myself a list so I can actually get some stuff done. I don't know about you but I NEED lists to keep my motivation up so on my list for today/this week is; book tickets home to my folks place, make and send a bday present for my awesome friend, start making super hero stuff for Joel's bday, keep my stock-pile of stuff growing, head out of the house for a few appointments, clean the house (it's disgusting), try and get on top of the washing (never gonna happen), make some apple pie, make some yummy treats for Joel to take to work, try and find a job of some sort, organise stuff for Christmas in July....... oh and organise a full week of posts for while I am away.... 

But in the meantime here is a snapshot of my weekend...

Joel will kill me for that picture, taken at Strathfield waiting for the train home, strawberries were only $2 a punnet this weekend, I made baby Bundts for friend's engagement party, said engaged friends holding the smashed piƱata I made. We had an awesome night congrats guys :) 

oh and tomorrow is going to look super tasty so get excited ;)  

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