Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So at the start of the week I promised I would show you my neat trick for turning regular jeans into skinnies, but I guess the question many might be asking is why I wouldn't just buy regular skinnies instead. Well I am poor, but also I have a big butt, it's huge and that means that low rise jeans are my mortal enemy - I personally think they are most people's enemies but particularly those with larger posteriors and generally most skinny jeans only come in low-rise. Which sucks.

So last week I bought myself a $20 pair of black mid-rise bootleg jeans and today I turned them into $20 black mid-rise skinnies...

What!! Is that really the same pair of jeans?? Why yes, yes it is and if you follow the steps below you can have awesome jeans too!!!

1. Look at your jeans, one seam will be top-stitched the other side will not be, on mine the non-top-stitched side was the outside seam - this is the side you will be taking in
2. Unpick the hem around the side you will be taking in - in my case I unpicked the hem around the outside seam
3. Put your jeans on and place a pin where you want to start taking them in - for me this was about mid-thigh
4. From that pin you will basically be trying to sew a straight line down to the hem - for these jeans this meant taking in as much as 5cm
5. Do one leg at a time and try on each time you sew a seam - taking in where necessary (because these jeans were bootleg I had to do more around the ankles)
6. Once you are happy with the fit cut off the excess and finish edges with a short-length zig-zag
7. Chances are your pants are going to need hemming as well - mark where you want them to sit, cut off excess and hem as usual (fold over twice and sew along the bottom)
8. Voila!! Awesome jeans!!

There are probably better, more professional ways to do this but for the moment this will do me fine :)


  1. They look great, clever you. xToni

    1. I know I was so pleased with them :) the first pic looks terrible lol :)

  2. looks great! :D