Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This week I have been crafting like crazy a few little things for a friend's engagement party on the weekend along with doing a bit of branding for Stepford. I am not quite sure where I want this blog to take me but from all my reading and learning etc there is one thing that stays common - the importance of branding. So in effort to look a bit more professional and because I really do love mucking around on photoshop I came up with some interim business cards.

Be kind these are my first trial batch, my contact info is on the back of the card in the same font and when I eventually get round to carving (ahem getting Joel to carve) my heart onto a stamp I will be making some new ones. I decided my favourite one was the 3rd one in the second row, unfortunately it's a little hard to replicate with watercolour but for the moment they will do.

Now I am off to fix my Facebook page after reading this great post on Oh My! Handmade Goodness


  1. they look fun and i gotta say i love the pink :D

    and thanks for the great link. i'm still stumbling my way through learning to use facebook and this will help!!

  2. Thanks Rosie :) I changed my cover pic using the dimensions on the link and you wouldn't believe the difference it made! So helpful